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Dear Netball Team,


On 5th of May 2024, we are organising the HSBC SVNS SGP - SGNA Netball Tournament.


We have now opened this tournament additionally for company and student teams as we have still slots available.

We can provide several discounts for teams that participate in the HSBC SVNS SGP - SGNA Netball Tournament on 5th May 2024.


On top of the discount a team gets 10, 2-day tickets to the Rugby Sevens event at the National Stadium.

HSBC SVNS SGP - SGNA Netball Tournament Details:

  • Venue: OCBC Arena Hall 1

  • Age category: Womens Open (17 years or older) - Recreational

  • Event day: Sunday 5th May 2024

  • Time: 8am – 1.30pm

  • Discounts: 40% for corporate teams, 50% for student teams, 20% for every 2nd team. (more info: DM us at 87496325)


The game format will be round robin with every team playing 6 games including finals. Games will be 2 halves of 8 minutes with 2 minutes break.


Cost includes court, umpires, event staff, and tickets to Rugby Sevens.


If you are interested to send a team, please let me know the soonest  so we can reserve a slot for your team.


If you can confirm a team, please register here:


If you have any questions and to get your discount code, please WhatsApp us on 87496325


We hope to see you at the HSBC SVNS SGP - SGNA Netball Tournament 2024.

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