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We are the Singapore Netball Academy

Who we are

  • Singapore Netball Academy (SGNA) provides Netball skills development programs to players aged 6 to 19.

  • We are a local company focused on developing Singapore girls in Netball.

  • SGNA is an organisation with the objective to develop Netball in Singapore without a profit objective.

  • We are a Netball Academy and our objective is to conduct high quality netball programs.

  • After a successful pilot in Term 4 of 2015, we started with our programs on January 1, 2016.

What we do

  • We conduct Netball sessions 40 weeks per year following the local school calendar.

  • We have programs for Beginners and the U6, U8, U10, U12, Secondary Development and Senior Development age groups.

  • Our Singapore Netball Club (SGNC) caters for female competitive players in the age category 17 to 35.

  • For women in the age category 17 to 35 who have stopped playing netball for a variety of reasons we conduct the Back2Netball program.

  • For the age group 35 to 60 we conduct programs for our recreational Netball club NETforMUMS.

  • We participate in carnivals and leagues for all age groups (2019: 25+ events).

  • For talented girls of lower income families we sponsor the training cost with our Golden Star program, we follow the MOE FAS criteria to enter this program.

How it works

  • Registration: a player must be registered with the Singapore Netball Academy (SGNA) or affiliated clubs (SGNC, Back2Netball, NETforMUMS) to have access to the training sessions. The registration is only available online on the SGNA or specific club website. You register for one term with continuous renewal registrations for new terms except for SGNC and Back2Netball where you register for 1 year.

  • Trial: for the SGNA U6, Afterschool Netball and Novice programs and club programs we provide trial sessions the first 4 weeks of a term. The other programs do not have trials sessions. Trial sessions are $25 or $35 to be paid before the start of the session. You must register with us before the trial session for us to know who is coming and to inform you about last-minute session changes.

  • Payment: Payment need to be made before the first session. In case fees are not paid, players will not have access to the training sessions. You must pay for the whole term and we do not accept payment per session.

  • Prorate options: we can prorate 3 sessions per term if the player starts later or has an event during the term. You need to give us the dates player is not able to join before the term starts. Minimum fees apply.

  • Refunds: once you have paid we will not provide refunds in any case, except for long term injuries (SGNA & NETforMUMS only).

  • Terms & Conditions: when you register or renew for another term, you agree to our Terms & Conditions, registration declaration and code of conduct. Please take note of our T&Cs have received at registration or at our website.

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